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Kirjavalikoimamme on melko laaja, joten kaikkia kirjoja ei ole varastossa, mutta tilaamme puuttuvia tuotteita tarpeen mukaan.

Keramiikan Materiaalit (Heikki Jylhä-Vuorio)
Paljon kaivattu Heikin kirja taas saatavilla. 
37,60 €
Rakuvaria Extreme Firing Techniques (Ine & Ed Knops)
Keväällä 2018 ilmestynyt rakukirja. Kovakantinen. Tästä kirjasesta löydät 80 sivua inspiraatiota erityisten polttotekniikoiden käsittelyyn: Raku... 
20,00 €
Rakuvaria 3 (Ine & Ed Knops)
Rakuvaria 2 on perusta, Rakuvaria 3 kuvaa uusia tekniikoita! Rakuvaria 3:ssa selitetään jälleen askel askeleelta monia epätavallisia... 
47,50 €
Impressed and Incised Ceramics (Coll Minoque)
Impressed and Incised Ceramics / Coll Minoque
Ceramics Handbook
Impressing and incising have been used as methods... 
27,45 €
Setting up Pottery Workshop (Alistair Young)
Setting up Pottery Workshop / Alistair Young
Ceramics Handbook
This book is a handy guide to setting up a pottery... 
27,45 €
Soda Glazing (Ruthanne Tudball)
Soda Glazing / Ruthanne Tudball
Ceramics Handbook
The technique of soda glazing in ceramics is becoming more popular... 
27,45 €
Clays and Glazes in Studio Ceramics (David Scott)
Clays and Glazes in Studio Ceramics / David Scott
Clays and Glazes in Studio Ceramics combines an entertaining and absorbing text with a wealth of... 
46,68 €
Contemporary Stained Glass Artists (Kate Baden Fuller)
Contemporary Stained Glass Artists
A selection of artists worldwide
/ Kate Baden Fuller In this book, Kate Baden... 
35,46 €
Country Pottery (Andrew McGarva)
Country Pottery / Andrew McGarva Earthenware pottery was first introduced to Britain by the Romans and rural potteries making it survived until the Second World War. There... 
54,44 €
Glass Jewellery (Yvonne Coffey)
Jewellery Handbooks
Glass Jewellery
/ Yvonne Coffey Glass jewellery is enjoying a renaissance right now, and... 
27,45 €
Glazes for the Craft Potter (Harry Fraser)
Glazes for the Craft Potter /Harry Fraser A reference book on glaze technology and practice. It discusses not only the calculation of glaze composition and formulae, but... 
27,83 €
Illustrated Dictionary of Ceramics (George Savage & Harold Newman)
An Illustrated Dictionary of Ceramics / Gorge Savage and Harold Newman An essential reference work for collectors, dealers and all those interested in ceramics, this... 
33,17 €
Mary Wondrausch On Slipware
Mary Wondrausch On Slipware / Mary Wondrausch Mary Wondrausch is one of the grand old ladies of British ceramics. In this book she traces the history of slipware and... 
45,55 €
Salt-Glaze Ceramics (Janet Mansfield)
Salt-Glaze Ceramics / Janet Mansfield One of the fascinating specialities of contemporary ceramics is the use of salt-glaze as explored by ceramic artists around the... 
45,79 €
Slipware (Victoria & Michael Eden)
Slipware / Victoria and Michael Eden
Slipware was once the predominant 'country' pottery of Europe. However, the Industrial Revolution almost brought... 
45,79 €
Techniques of Kiln-formed Glass (Keith Cummings)
Techniques of Kiln-formed Glass / Keith Cummings Kiln-forming as a technique to shape glass was in use for centuries before the Romans developed glass blowing and yet... 
58,22 €
Advanced Fusing Techn 2
More details 
106,60 €
Glas: Schultz & Brönsted
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45,07 €
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