Salt-Glaze Ceramics (Janet Mansfield)

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Salt-Glaze Ceramics (Janet Mansfield)
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Salt-Glaze Ceramics (Janet Mansfield).

One of the fascinating specialities of contemporary ceramics is the use of salt-glaze as explored by ceramic artists around the world.
Whether their work is domestic, architectural or sculptural, this centuries-old technique offers them a means of expression that is both satisfying and challenging.

In this book, the work of 60 ceramic artists currently working with salt-glaze is considered, using their own words as well as comments from art critics.
The author has combined both their technique and their intention in her examination of these artists, discussing the influences on their work and their motivation for it.

While all the artists admit that salt-glaze is a difficult technique, they agree that it holds substantial rewards, enough to keep them experimenting and developing their particular aesthetic to satisfy their own expressive needs.
These artists come from all over the world, and are leading exponents of ceramic art in their own countries.

It is their use of salt-glaze, with its marvellous textured surface and possibilities for involvement and personal expression, that has brought these artists together in this book. 144 pp.

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