Digitaalilämpömittari S/R/K

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Digitaalilämpömittari S/R/K
Digitaalilämpömittari S/R/K
Digitaalilämpömittari S/R/K
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65,00 €
incl. VAT 24,00 %
About the product:
1. The electrical compensation function provide the compensation to the thermocouple error so as to improve the overall precision
2. To measure the thermocouple of J, K,T,E,N, S and R type.
3. Unit Celsius and fahrenheit unit
4. Human centered design, easy operation
5. Measuring Range:
J-type: -210C to 1200C (-346F to 2192F)
K-type: -200C to 1372C (-328F to 2501F)
T-type: -250C to 400C (-418F to 752F)
E-type: -150C to 1000C (-238F to 1832F)
N-type: -200C to 1300C (-328F to 2372F)
R/S-type: 0C to 1767C (32F to 3212F)
6. Resolution: 0.1C/F<1000Degree; 1.0C/=<1000Degree
7. Electrical compensation
8. C/F Switch
Material ABS , TPU
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 40 Degree Celsius
Power Supply 3*1.5V AAA batteries
Display Size 145.5*29*72mm
Weight 125g
Package Include:
1 x Manual
1 x Thermocouple
2 x Cables
3 x Batteries
Package Weight 0.34kgs
Varnia Oy
Myllypakantie 2
FI-25410, Suomusjärvi
tel. (02) 722 1202
varnia (at) varnia.fi
Business ID: 0202891-2