Clays and Glazes / Ceramic Review Book

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Clays and Glazes / Ceramic Review Book
Clays and Glazes / Ceramic Review Book
Clays and Glazes / Ceramic Review Book
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Clays and Glazes / Ceramic Review Book

Completely revised and updated, 'Clays and Glazes' includes over 900 recipes from established potters. For the first time colour sections complement the chapters that list recipes by temperature range. Detailed technical advice concerning the preparation, application and firing of clays, slips and glazes guides potters through the many choices of colour, texture and temperature. Health and safety is addressed with general advice and, where appropriate, specific notes from individuals.With over 300 pages of tried and tested recipes, 'Clays and Glazes' is a favourite among potters. Chapters range from raku, earthenware, and mid-temperature to stoneware and porcelain, salt and vapour glazing. A new section covers special effects and each includes details for clay bodies, slips and glazes. For the first time a new cross-reference system allows readers to find further details of potters' work in relevant issues of Ceramic Review magazine.'Clays and Glazes' is an excellent source of reference and inspiration for potters, from beginners to professionals. 335 pp.


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