Soda Glazing / Ruthanne Tudball

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Soda Glazing / Ruthanne Tudball
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Soda Glazing / Ruthanne Tudball
Ceramics Handbook
The technique of soda glazing in ceramics is becoming more popular with potters, because, like salt glazing, it produces an attractive 'orange-peel' texture to the object to be glazed, yet offers a more subtle range of colours while being more environmentally friendly.;The author of this book discusses the history and techniques of soda glazing, giving plans of kilns and detailed notes on how to produce this attractive effect. She compares its similarities to and differences from salt glazing.;As air pollution causes increasing concern, and as governments legislate accordingly, soda glazing is likely to be used as a more welcome alternative to salt glazing.;The work of an international group of ceramic artists is used to illustrate the text. 95 pp.

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