Setting up Pottery Workshop / Alistair Young

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Setting up Pottery Workshop / Alistair Young
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Setting up Pottery Workshop / Alistair Young
Ceramics Handbook
This book is a handy guide to setting up a pottery workshop. It covers not only fundamental questions such as types of premises, design and layout of the workshop, equipment and materials, and how to make simple tools, but also questions of marketing and promotion, legal considerations and finance. To illustrate these points, the author discusses how various potters have tackled the issues raised and gives illustrations of a wide range of different workshops. The book draws on the experiences of an international group of artists, and so it will also be pertinent for potters outside the UK.This book is a must for those setting up a pottery for the first time, as well as the established potter who is experiencing difficulty in one of the areas covered, e.g. promotion and marketing. 128 pp.

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